Key Qualifications

Years of Experience


  • PHP
  • Typo3
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


As a service provider, our clients benefit from our unique ability to think beyond technology and design to make their business more efficient. Our client relationships are based on our shared values of respect, thinking beyond, and responsiveness. While we see ourselves as experts in the digital field, we are always learning, always challenging our thinking, and always looking for the next big step to improve businesses. That’s why we believe that the perfect candidate will challenge the status quo on a daily base while bringing exciting projects to life.

We are hungry for more – join us if your appetite is big enough.

As a CMS Engineer – PHP / Typo3, you will be responsible for designing and implementing new features and functionality, establishing and guiding the website’s architecture, ensuring high-performance and availability, and managing all technical aspects of the CMS.


Your most important task is to help your team deliver good software projects and platforms that the whole team is proud of. That can include the following tasks

  • Develop custom content elements, extensions and themes in Typo3
  • Managing all technical aspects of Typo3 based websites
  • Develop and optimize websites, conduct website performance tests as well ensuring high quality code and execution
  • Working with project managers to discuss the desired website functionality and provide solutions
  • Work with various Typo3 extension and customize as per the needs
  • Suggest best practices, innovative ideas, and methods for attracting new clients and existing clients


  • Excellent knowledge of PHP and developing websites with Typo3
  • 5+ years experience coding custom extensions and content-elements for Typo3
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Strong Front-End skills and fully capable of Back-End Development in Typo3
  • Excellent Logical reasoning


No matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe, or what you geek out about, we bring people together to make great work. That’s what makes us THIS IS! Digital Media Group.

If you love development, you should join us!

To apply, send us an e-mail to

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Key Qualifications

Years of Experience


  • PHP
  • Typo3
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Why THIS IS! DMG is so cool

Technology & Innovation Experts
Enable Innovations
implement digital projects
Grow startups and businesses
Bring efficiency to workflows
Work with multiple agencies
wide technology stack

benefits you will have

group insurance
Borrowable Gadgets
Annual Leave
Co-Working Space Allowance
Educational Courses Allowance
Annual Equipment Allowance
Remote Flexibility
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