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For us the mindset is almost always more important than the CV and the number of years you have been working in the field.

Questionnaire & Cultural Fit Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be informed by email. We value punctuality, to ensure that nothing disturbs us and the interview is prepared. This is true for applicants but also for us.

Get Feedback

Feedback belongs to every application and candidate, nothing is worse than after 1-2 great interviews and suddenly no one replies.

Test Task

For most jobs we conduct a small test task with the candidate. This enables both parties to check for a good mutual understanding and the way of work.


We always want to review all applications within 3 weeks and give feedback, it rarely takes longer. The entire application process takes between 2 – 8 weeks depending on seniority.

Skill Interview

After a successful test task we invite the candidate for an interview with a department lead. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the test task together and clarify further questions regarding work in the specific department.

Final Review

After the department interview the score cards of the candidates are evaluated. We then contact the most suitable candidate or candidates to clarify employment details.

Some Tips for Applicants

In our view, the perfect application to DMG is one that quickly reveals whether the candidate is a good fit for DMG and the position. As we are getting more then 100 applications for some positions per week, CVs should be easy to read and understand.

Positive Influence
Positive Influence
  1. Clear and logical structure in the application
  2. Highlighting skills that are relevant for the application
  3. Using PDF-Format for all files
  4. Keep it short, CV should be between 1-3 pages
Negative Influence
Negative Influence
  1. No clear structure in the application
  2. Typos or wrong formatting
  3. Incorrect job description
No Influence
No Influence
  1. Your picture
  2. Your gender
  3. Your location
  4. Your sexual or religious orientation
  5. No company name on the CV

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At DMG, you have the ability to work, live, and learn from anywhere in the world as long as you live up to our expectations and enjoy working on something you love.