Simon Sales Software

Sales is undergoing the most significant transformation in its history. SIMON aims at supporting this change and empowering sales employees to create the best customer experience on the market.

Problems of Current Sales Tools

  • Sales agents spend too much time on formalities like appointment preparation, data collection and ordering process
  • Advantages of modern IT such as personalization, smart data and personal pricing are not leveraged
  • Marketing presentations are rarely available for personal contact, often only in printed and non-personalized versions
  • It is impossible to track which lead got which information

How SIMON Solves These Problems All in One Tool

  • Meeting preparation with goal definition and KPIs
  • Individual marketing assets like presentations
  • Automatic route planing to optimize sales agents time and minimize costs
  • Meeting management
  • Data repository with improved real time data which gives sales an advantage over competitors
  • Order entry with profitability analysis
  • Analyses of clients, orders, goals, KPIs
  • Quality orientation with enhanced customer communication